Being the adventures of an American fangirl in Munich.

The other day I took a wrong turn on my bike and ran into this thing. #europe (Taken with Instagram)
That’s a beer garden, and it’s 400 yards from our new place. (Taken with instagram)
The size of this pretzel was really very concerning. (Taken with instagram)
Bavarian Superbowl spread! (Taken with instagram)
Taking our dog out to roll in the fresh snow at 1:30 AM… BECAUSE WE CAN. (Taken with instagram)
More Christmas market.  (Taken with instagram)
A department store.  (Taken with instagram)
Christmas tree in Marienplatz. (Taken with instagram)
Mulled wine (glühwein) at the Christkindlmarkt. In a souvenir mug! (Taken with instagram)
Low light compromised the picture taking, but this little beer house we stopped at today was just ridiculously cozy and charming. (Taken with instagram)